"How Do I?"

Add a firefighter to my roster?
A fire chief (or administrator) can add a member to a roster.

  • At the “home” page, click on "view member roster."
  • While viewing the roster, scroll to the bottom of the list and click on, "Add a member."
  • You may search the database by first legal name, first initial and/or last name.
  • If you find the member you wish to add, click “add” beside his/her name.
The firefighter has been added to the roster.
Remember to update the added member’s personal information (i.e., correct “begin date,” background check date, etc).

Delete a firefighter from my roster?
A fire chief (or administrator) can delete a firefighter.

  • At the "home" page, click on "view member roster."
  • Click "select" by the firefighter’s name.
  • Insert the proper end date (last date of employment).
  • Click "remove from roster"
  • Indicate the reason for leaving (i.e. voluntary separation, transfer, termination, etc).
The firefighter has been deleted from your roster, but remains in the database.

Request a SLED background check?
This process should be used only to add a new firefighter 18 years of age or older.
A fire chief (or administrator) can request a SLED background check.

  • Collect the firefighter’s personal information (i.e. Social Security number, legal name, phone number, etc).
  • At the "home" page, click on "Hire a new firefighter (SLED check)."
  • Click "proceed."
  • The firefighter’s information may exist in our database. Enter the Social Security number and legal name to search the database.
  • If the name cannot be found in our database, please proceed with the manual entry of required information.
Once the SLED check has been processed by the State Fire Marshal’s office, you will receive notice via the database. You will be asked if you wish to add the person to the roster (or not).

Submit a One Percent Report or Fire Equipment Certificate?
First, you need to have access as a certified fire inspector, chief or an administrator.
From the “home” page, the selection is available under the Certified Fire Inspector section.

  • View the archived page (last one submitted is the first one listed)
  • Click "create a report"
  • Enter the correct information and click “submit” (afterwards, the blocks will turn grey – this indicates the report has been submitted)
To view the submitted report, refresh the screen (from home page) and you will see the submittal (a “confirmation page” is not currently available).

Criminal Background Check - State Law

  1. When must a firefighter background check be conducted? How much does it cost?
    The Criminal background check, required by S.C. Code of Laws 40-80-20, must be conducted before registration. At no cost to the fire department, the OSFM will conduct a SLED background check via the Fire Portal.
  2. When do I need to register a firefighter?
    Firefighters must be registered no later than 60 days after the start of his employment date as a paid or volunteer firefighter.
  3. Less than six months ago a firefighter resigned from our department. Does he need a new criminal background check?
    If employed by your department less than six months ago, a new background check is not required. However, a firefighter previously registered, but not actively engaged with a fire department or as a firefighter for a period of six months or longer, must apply for registration and a criminal records check. Additionally, firefighters that are being reinstated to their last registered department within a period of not more than three years are exempted from the provision.
  4. I recently moved and I am no longer employed as a firefighter. How soon do I need to notify the OSFM?
    Per S.C. Code of Laws (40-80-60), the fire chief or other employer must provide this information within 60 days of the firefighter's separation or inactive status.