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Community Risk Reduction/Public Fire Education
All emergency responders should teach risk reducing strategies in their communities. The South Carolina Fire Academy has multiple programs to assist emergency responders in this area.

  1. 5241: Fire And Life Safety Educator Quarterly Training Prerequisite: None
    Contact Hours: 6

    This course is designed to address the job performance requirements outlined in NFPA 1035 (Fire and Life Safety Educator). In addition to providing continuing education for fire and life safety educators, updates on state programs will be given and there will be an opportunity for professional networking.

    This class is also appropriate for public educators who work with emergency medical service and law enforcement agencies. Class topics will be different each quarter. For more information, contact

    Students: Min: 10 Max: 30
    Fee: $0
    No classes currently offered.
  2. 6100: End User Training
    No classes currently offered.
  3. 6190: Iow End User Training
    No classes currently offered.
  4. 6200: Administrator I
    No classes currently offered.
  5. 6201: Large-jurisdiction Administrator
    No classes currently offered.
  6. 6290: Iow Administrator I
    No classes currently offered.
  7. 6300: Data Analyst Training
    No classes currently offered.
  8. 6501: Nfirs Workshop
    No classes currently offered.
  9. 6502: Nfirs Codes & Logic Workshop
    No classes currently offered.
  10. 6505: SCFire And Community Risk Reduction Summit The Third Annual Fire & Community Risk Reduction Summit will bring together local and national industry leaders to provide participants with valuable ideas and resources for targeted fire and life safety risk reduction in their own community. Reduction of fire and life safety risks cannot be done by emergency professionals alone. An engaged and proactive community is necessary for effective risk reduction. Learn from our national and local partners how to reduce the risk of fire and other life safety concerns for you and your community.

    This free, virtual event will be filled with speakers, vendor spotlights, and giveaways. Please share this invitation with your community partners to encourage their involvement in this opportunity and to further their engagement with your community risk reduction efforts.

    The summit is sponsored by State Farm and supported by NFPA and Vision 20/20.

    No classes currently offered.
  11. 7013: Fire Service Leadership, Recruitment & Wellness 8 Hour Program Tuesday June 25, 2019
    7013 Fire Service Leadership, Recruitment & Wellness (Max 50 Students)
    Lead Instructors: Jeff Cash & Kevin Quinn
    Leadership: Quality leadership is essential for the fire service to face current and future challenges. Examine leadership styles, qualities, and practices that will help your department function at a high level by avoiding fire service leadership pitfalls.
    Recruitment & Retention: Many fire and EMS departments across the nation are struggling to find new volunteer members. This course will discuss the challenges of recruiting volunteers and provide valuable research collected as part of the NVFC's Make Me a Firefighter campaign.
    Fit for Duty, Fit for Life: Firefighters do a dangerous job and face many risks. To mitigate these risks, firefighters should be in top physical condition and participate in occupational health screenings. NVFC Chair Kevin Quinn, discusses the importance of firefighter physicals, provides an overview of the options available to departments, and shares his personal account of how a firefighter physical saved his life.

    No classes currently offered.
  12. 7014: Mental Health Fire Aid For Fire & Ems 8 Hour Program Wednesday June 26, 2019
    7014 Mental Health Fire Aid for Fire & EMS (Max 30 Students)
    Lead Instructor: Michael Allora
    Mental Health Fir Aid for Fire/EMS teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This 8-hour training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem and help connect them to the appropriate care. It focuses on the unique experience s and needs for firefighters and EMS personnel and is a valuable resource that can make a difference in their lives, their coworkers’ and families’ lives, and the communities they serve.

    No classes currently offered.
  13. 8617: Fire Safe SC Home Safety Visit Train-the-Trainer Overview and Update of Fire Safe SC/ Fire Safe SC Home Safety Visit Train-the-Trainer - Fire Safe SC was first announced at the SC Fire Marshals Association’s Spring Conference in 2017. During this session, an update on the progress of Phase 1 of Fire Safe SC and an introduction of Phase 2 of Fire Safe SC will be provided. As part of Fire Safe SC Phase 2, participating fire departments who desire to earn the Fire Safe SC designation will be challenged to conduct home safety visits in their communities. The Fire Safe SC Home Safety Visit Train-the-Trainer will provide the learner with the knowledge and resources needed to implement home safety visits in their community
     8617-2200612/14 - 12/141:00 PM - 4:00 PM Online  Enroll
     8617-2200912/7 - 12/76:00pm - 9:00pm Virtual  Enroll